December 2020 Results

We are extremely proud to announce the winners of the December contest!!!Congratulations!!!

Category: Feature films

Category: Award of Recognition in Acting

Best Actor – ParitoshTripathi- Bioscope Zindagi – India.

Best actress –Anjana Singh- Bioscope Zindagi – India.

Category: Short films

Best of the Best – ANTONI-A– Dir. Miguel Miller – USA

Best Short film – Orukkam – Dir. Dr. T. Suresh Kumar – India

Award of Excellence – I Can Do This – Dir. Jaya Kumar – India

Award of Recognition in Creativity – Unbeatable – Dir. Ronak Sharma, BaluSandilyasa – India

Best Experimental Short Film- Trailings – Dir. Lisa K. Lock – Switzerland

Category: Direction

Best Director -Good Morning EMI –Dir. Jai Prakash Mishra – India

Award of Excellence in Direction – Radio – Dir. Ameeya Mehta – USA

Category: Acting

Best actor – GaddamSudarshan – Unbeatable – India

Category: Cinematography

Best Cinematography –Lucia Rinaldi –Witchin’- USA

Category: Art Direction

Best Art director: Crane Wife – Joshua H. Knoblick- USA

Category: Documentary Short

Best documentary – Nokkuvidya- Dir. ReshmiRadhakrishnan – India

Best Director-Thiriyode- Dir. Nirmal Baby Varghese- India

Category: Web Series

Best Web Series –Get Lost in Colombia – Dir. Melanie de Klerk, Sophie Lui, Ron Coldham – Canada.

Category: Teaser

Best Teaser- TrainSharpe – Dir. John Rees- UAE





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