August to October 2020

August to October 2020 Results


We are extremely proud to announce the winners for the October contest!!!



Category: Feature films

Best Feature Film –Shocking Marriage –Dir. Demetrio Casile-  Italy

Best Director –Steppe Man – Dir. ShamilAliyev – Azerbaijan

Award of Excellence in Creativity – Used and Borrowed time- Sophia Romma-  US

Award of Merit – I’m Sinner – Director  -JAY DOGRA – USA

Outstanding Achievement Award – AGONY – Director – Sohyun Han – Republic of Korea


Category: Award of Recognition in Acting


Best Actor –Shocking marriage – NATALE BOVA – Italy

Best actor – Outstanding  achievement award – I’m Sinner – AnkurNayyer – USA

Best Actor – Special Jury Award – WE  – Mani Nasry – Canada

Best actress – ANGEL OF BEGGARS–  ZHU QING – China

Best actress – Outstanding  achievement award – I’m Sinner – Gauri Singh- USA

Best actress – Outstanding  achievement award –Monkey Beach  –  Grace Dove – Canada


Best Cinematography

Cinematography – Monkey Beach – Stirling Bancroft – Canada


Category: Background Score

Best background score – Monkey Beach –Jesse Zubot- Canada


Best Producer

Best Producer –Used and Borrowed time – Sergio Voronin – US


Category: Short films

Best Short film – Mudapples – Director – AkshayKeecheri- India

Award of Excellence – Meeting the Other Woman – Director – MariekeNiestadt– Netherlands

Award of Recognition in Creativity – Septaria – Directors – Sarah McDaniel, Courtney Carter -US

Award of Recognition – SECRET CITY -Director – AsteroStylianiLamprinou – Greece

Award of Merit – Café Choice – PuneetGulati, Sandeep Raj – Australia

Special Jury Award – Wall to Wall – Director – AsteroStylianiLamprinou – Greece

Category: Direction

Best Director – A New Present  – Director – MariekeNiestadt – Netherlands

Award of Excellence in Direction – Meeting the Other Woman – MariekeNiestadt- Netherlands

Award of Recognition in Direction – Septaria– Sarah McDaniel, Courtney Carter – US


Category: Acting

Best actor – A New Present – GijsNaber- Netherlands

Best actress – Meeting the Other Woman – Amy Motta – Netherlands

Best Child Artist –Mudapples – Mohammad Jaseel – India

Special Jury Award –Best Actor – UMOYA – Jason Sterling – USA – October


Category: Cinematography

Best Cinematography –Heath Gresham –Septaria–USA – October


Category: Sound Design

Best sound design – Meeting the Other WomanSander Houtman– Netherlands


Category: Documentary feature

Best Documentary Feature –Broken Gods– Dir. DakxinkumarBajrange (Chhara), Alice Tilche- India

Best Director – FarhaKhatun- Holy Rights – India

Award of Excellence in Documentary Feature –La La Every you– Dir. Chu Yen-Lan- Taiwan

Honourable Mention  -Annapakta – Dir. Rajele Jain – Portugal

Honourable Mention – THE NORMANS – by Chris Micallef– Malta


Category: Best Producer

Best Producer: LA LA EVERY YOU – Dir. Chu Yen-Lan- Taiwan


Category: Documentary Short

Best documentary –The Daring Young Girl on the Flying Trapeze – Dir. Nina Ross – UK

Best Director: Incredible Insight–Dir. Dr.KushalDasgupta– India




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